Sample Trick

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    2. Kyra Sundance welcomes you :)

    1. Spin Circles

    2. Intermission - Barrel Roll (4 Paws)

    3. Quick Tip: Tasty Treats

    4. Let's review!

    1. Say Your Prayers

    2. Intermission - Hoop Tricks

    3. Quick Tip: Reward Markers

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    1. Hoop Jump

    2. Closing Skit - Ring Toss

    3. Let's review!

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    2. Novice Trick Dog Application Download

    3. More resources for you

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Kyra Sundance


Kyra Sundance is an award-winning and internationally best-selling author. As CEO of “Do More With Your Dog!”, the certifying body for Canine Conditioning Coaches, Kyra leads widely popular fitness workshops which train students to develop their dog’s physical abilities. Kyra is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports and an ultramarathoner.

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