Learn the Right Way to do Canine Conditioning Fitness

Learn the right way with online, self-paced, step-by-step video curriculum presented by a world-renowned canine fitness expert. Four course levels are geared toward teaching you the skills to earn your titles, or to becoming certified as a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC).

**Each level of the course is worth 2 CEUs for trainers certified under CCPDT.

*NOTE: This online course heavily utilizes the corresponding manual. This manual will be mailed to you.

About Canine Conditioning Fitness

  • What is Canine Conditioning Fitness?

    Canine Conditioning Fitness is practiced in pursuit of peak performance, injury prevention, coordination, flexibility, and rehabilitation. It addresses the five fitness components (flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, strength).

  • What is the Canine Conditioning Fitness title?

    Dogs can earn their CCF title and medal by demonstrating mastery of skills in the five fitness components for a certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC). Title applications are available at domorewithyourdog.com

  • Can I become a certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC)?

    Yes. Become a CCFC coach by completing all four levels of this Master Class. As a coach, you have authority to award CCF titles to your students.

Course Curriculum


Kyra Sundance

Kyra Sundance


Kyra Sundance is an award-winning and internationally best-selling author. As CEO of “Do More With Your Dog!”, the certifying body for Canine Conditioning Coaches, Kyra leads widely popular fitness workshops which train students to develop their dog’s physical abilities. Kyra is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports and an ultramarathoner.

Get Certified as a Coach by completing all 4 Courses:

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