Private Lesson

Hit a snag? Having trouble getting a trick? Need advice on keeping your dog engaged and focused? With over 1,700 student successes Coach Kelli-ann Reilly is one of our top instructors in Dog Tricks, Canine Fitness, and Stunt Dog competition.

  • Trick Dog

    Let's get that trick!

    Having trouble getting your dog to hold an object? Need help with clicker training? Get one-on-one coaching from Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Kelli-ann.

  • Canine Conditioning Fitness

    Every dog is different

    Whether your dog has special needs or you need instruction on how to correctly guide the exercises Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach Kelli-ann will give you clear, calm instruction.

  • Stunt Dog Competition

    Ring Trials are now virtual!

    Stunt Dog ring trials are a series of outlined routines. Practice a private run-through with Stunt Dog Judge Kelli-ann, and get tips for performing success.

30 Minute Zoom Call Private Lesson with Coach Kelli-ann Reilly

Call will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you

Instructor: Kelli-ann Reilly

Kelli-ann Reilly

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

All Star Trainer of the Year Coach: Boxer Girl - Kelli-ann Reilly, CTDI, SDJ, CCFC, CPDT-KA, ABCDT